Ultimotion is the portfolio of freelance motion designer Timo van Blooijs.

I’m a freelance 2D & 3D Motion Designer based in cosy Alphen aan den Rijn, situated near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’ve studied the arts of design and animation at two different universities. During my graduation year at the University of Arts in Utrecht, I started my own company called Ultimotion.

(Fun fact: the name “Ultimotion” emerged from my name, Timo, and using “Ultimo” as a nickname for my online media and games that quickly became “Ultimotion” afterwards).

Working for a large international company like RedBull and smaller companies like Beelding, I have developed a broad skill set as a designer, animator and editor.

This broad skill set allows me to either join teams remotely or on-location. It also allows me to take on projects independently from initial concept to the very end result.

I specialize in visual communication, animation and 2D & 3D design. It’s a rewarding challenge to create sympathetic stories that people can relate to, within my animations.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing competitive videogames with friends, drinking a good cappuccino, and catching the latest flick at the theatre.


For collaborations, bookings, project enquiries or anything else please get in touch via timo@ultimotion.eu